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Wrongful Death Actions and Probate Litigation

Wrongful Death Actions and Probate Litigation

When both the victim and the alleged responsible party die in an accident or because of another cause, the parties involved may have to deal with both a wrongful death claim and probate litigation. This is where our knowledge is a distinct advantage for our clients. We have experience in handling both wrongful death and probate matters.

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Wrongful death and probate disputes pose unique challenges. Wrongful death statutes govern who may file an action on behalf of a deceased family member. The Probate Code contains non-claim provisions that require timely presentation of a claim against the personal representative of the deceased at-fault party. Our attorneys can explain the interrelationship between the wrongful death statutes and the Probate Code so that our clients can protect their interests when such complications arise.

We are also experienced in handling claims under a provision of the Probate Code known as the “slayer statute.” Where a person dies as a result of a “felonious killing,” the party at fault may be barred from recovering from the decedent under a will, trust, or deed, or under a life insurance policy. Our firm has the experience both to pursue and defend against such claims, including the handling of complex issues that arise when disputed insurance proceeds are involved.

While we are capable of handling wrongful death claims and probate litigation, our firm can also serve as co-counsel with other firms that need assistance in coping with these types of claims.

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Trial results confirm we are among the best trial lawyers in Colorado in handling wrongful death, bodily injury, property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist, insurance coverage and insurance bad faith litigation.

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Wrongful Death

We literally “wrote the book” about Colorado wrongful death law. See our Publications to learn more about our book G. Giometti, Colorado Handbook of Wrongful Death Law ( 4th Ed. 2019).  For years attorneys throughout the state have contacted our firm for guidance in handling wrongful death claims.  Contact us to benefit from our experience.

Insurance Bad Faith

We also “wrote the book” about insurance bad faith law in Colorado. See our Publications to learn more about our book G. Giometti, Colorado Law of Insurance Bad Faith (4th Ed. 2015).  We are highly experienced in analyzing complex insurance coverage issues, pursuing declaratory judgment actions, and litigating bad faith claims arising out of coverage and claims handling disputes.

Auto Accidents

We also “wrote the book” about motor vehicle accident litigation and insurance in Colorado. See our Publications to learn more about our book G. Giometti, Colorado Automobile Accident Litigation & Insurance Handbook (3rd Ed. 2018).   We are experienced in handling all types of motor vehicle accident cases, particularly those involving traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries.