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Damages in a Wrongful Death Action

Damages in Wrongful Death Actions | Denver Attorneys

The amount of damages recoverable in a wrongful death action is governed by statute. It depends on who files the action and the circumstances surrounding the death. To learn more, contact us to set up an appointment with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. At Giometti & Mereness P.C. we are experienced trial attorneys.

Economic and Pecuniary Damages

Economic damages are recoverable for spouses, heirs, and parents who file a wrongful death action. These damages commonly include the direct loss of economic support. In certain circumstances the wrongful death statute places no limit on the economic damages recoverable.

Non-economic and Exemplary Damages

Formerly, plaintiffs were unable to recover non-economic damages in wrongful death actions in Colorado. Colorado law now permits juries to award non-economic damages in wrongful death actions. These damages include compensation for grief, for loss of companionship, for pain and suffering, and for emotional distress.

If a victim survived for a period of time following an accident or injury, the personal representative of the decedent’s estate may file an action under the “survival statute”. The personal representative of the deceased may file this type of action even if the deceased’s spouse and/or heirs have also filed a wrongful death action. Damages available in a survival statute action include expenses related to lost income and medical expenses incurred before the decedent’s death.

At Giometti & Mereness P.C., we have extensive experience handling wrongful death actions in Colorado. To learn more contact us to schedule an appointment. Visit our information center on wrongful death.

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Wrongful Death

We literally “wrote the book” about Colorado wrongful death law. See our Publications to learn more about our book G. Giometti, Colorado Handbook of Wrongful Death Law ( 4th Ed. 2019).  For years attorneys throughout the state have contacted our firm for guidance in handling wrongful death claims.  Contact us to benefit from our experience.

Insurance Bad Faith

We also “wrote the book” about insurance bad faith law in Colorado. See our Publications to learn more about our book G. Giometti, Colorado Law of Insurance Bad Faith (4th Ed. 2015).  We are highly experienced in analyzing complex insurance coverage issues, pursuing declaratory judgment actions, and litigating bad faith claims arising out of coverage and claims handling disputes.

Auto Accidents

We also “wrote the book” about motor vehicle accident litigation and insurance in Colorado. See our Publications to learn more about our book G. Giometti, Colorado Automobile Accident Litigation & Insurance Handbook (3rd Ed. 2018).   We are experienced in handling all types of motor vehicle accident cases, particularly those involving traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries.